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Your first consultation is completely free and there’s no obligation to proceed with treatment.

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What happens?

At your free appointment, five things happen:

  • Our records technician will take you on a tour of our clinic.
  • We’ll take your diagnostic records and medical history.
  • You will then meet with our treatment coordinator who can explain more about the treatment process and how orthodontics works. We’ll also ask you what it is that you want to achieve from orthodontic treatment.
  • One of our specialist orthodontists will evaluate your orthodontic needs and identify the right type of orthodontic treatment for you.
  • We’ll then outline a treatment plan for you and provide you with some solutions to achieve your desired orthodontic outcome.

Can I start treatment today?

If you’re ready to start treatment on the day of your initial appointment, we can kick start your treatment journey by taking a digital scan of your teeth and jaws to customise your Insignia braces or Invisalign aligners. We also offer a discount on same day starts which our treatment coordinator can outline to you.

How much does treatment cost?

We provide you with a bespoke treatment plan that is tailored for your orthodontic needs. This means your treatment cost will be specific for you. Our treatment coordinator will develop an affordable payment plan for your treatment and help arrange future appointments if necessary.

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