Lifetime Retainer Program

Did You Know?

If you don't wear your retainer, your teeth will continue to shift throughout your life. Wearing your retainer is an essential part of ensuring that you enjoy a long lasting, beautiful smile. Because we are so committed to giving our patients amazing smiles that last a lifetime, we offer a Lifetime Retainer Program. This program helps to keep you from ever needing to replace retainers at full price.

Retainers For Life!

For $600 you can enroll in our Lifetime Retainer Program, which will allow you to have your retainers replaced at anytime for a small copayment: $40 per set for clear retainers - this would normally be $500 per set. Included with the program is a FREE 3D scan of your teeth after braces are removed to make all future retainers from. This reduces office visits and impressions and allows us to make your retainers and send them to you even if you live far away! The Lifetime Retainer Program fees are non refundable or transferrable. Typical turnaround time for delivery of retainers is 1 to 2 business days; however, this may very depending on practice and patient availability. We offer two convenient ways for payment.

Payment Option #1 OR Payment Option #2
One-time payment of $600 12 Monthly Payments of $50

This program isn't just for patients that we've treated with braces or Invisalign. If you've had braces in the past and would like to enroll in the program, please contact our office at 813-645-4377 today to schedule your FREE 3D scan.